Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's Podcast Features the Threat of Charismatic Leaders

Author Barbara Fifield joins our podcast today to discuss her new release Lucifer Rising.  This is Ms. Fifield's second novel, and she also has published extensively in newspapers and literary journals.  In Lucifer Rising, Fifield tells the story of reporter Elsa Eldridge, a recently widowed woman who has been given the task of writing about local cult leader Tyrell.  However, Elsa finds herself under the sway of this charismatic man and fears that her own life may be at risk.

During the interview, Barbara Fifield will discuss why she decided to write a book that focuses on the controversial topic of religious cults, how she integrated her personal background into the story, and what message she hopes her readers will take away from Lucifer Rising.
Click here to listen to the entire interview

Please visit the Amazon website to purchase Lucifer Rising.

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