Monday, February 08, 2010

Maxine Thompson on African American, Family, & Women's Issues

On Friday, February 12, Yvonne Perry will interview Dr. Maxine Thompson as her guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast. During the interview, Maxine will talk about her12-year self-publishing process,
and discuss African-American issues, family secrets, and women's societal roles that her book, Hostage of Lies, brings to light.

During the sexual revolution of the 1960s, having a child and not being married was frowned upon in society in general, and among working class Blacks in particular. The main character in Maxine's book is an African American named Nefertiti, who, at age 15 gave her child away. We will touch on closed adoption, slavery, and being the black sheep in a family.

Dr. Maxine Thompson is an author of eleven titles, the latest being, Hostage of Lies, a contemporary/historical novel. She is an editor, a literary agent, a ghostwriter, a columnist, a freelance writer, a workshop conductor, and an Internet radio show host since 2002. She has been in business on-line since 1999. She has edited or ghostwritten hundreds of African American titles, some of which have made the Essence bestseller’s list, the Amazon bestseller’s list, and the New York Times Bestseller’s list. She first self-published her novel, The Ebony Tree, in 1995.

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Kristi Bernard said...

This is great. I will be signing up for the podcast.