Friday, February 12, 2010

Maxine Thompson - Literary Agent, Columnist, Writer, & Radio Show Host

Please give a warm WITS welcome to the multi-talented Maxine Thompson as she is interviewed by Yvonne Perry today on Writers in the Sky Podcast.

In celebration of Black History Month, we are honored to welcome Maxine Thompson to our show. The author of eleven titles—the latest being, Hostage of Lies, a contemporary/historical novel—she is an editor, a literary agent, a ghostwriter, a columnist, a freelance writer, a workshop conductor, and an Internet radio show host. She has been in business on-line since 1999. She has edited or ghostwritten hundreds of African American titles, some of which have made the Essence Magazine's bestsellers list, the Amazon bestseller’s list, and the New York Times Bestsellers list. She first self-published her novel, The Ebony Tree, in 1995.

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In the interview, Maxine and Yvonne mention a blog tour in which they met. The blog tour was for Yvonne's children's book The Sid Series. Maxine accepted the invitation Yvonne issued to all the authors in her network to come along and participate in order to learn how to do a virtual online book tour. Even though the blog tour is over, you may still review the blog stops and glean ideas on how to promote your book online at

These two authors/editors/book marketers also mentioned and as places for authors to write and post articles online.

Synopsis for Hostage of Lies:

How important is the past? For 40-year-old Titi, who’s always felt like an outsider in her own family, it’s vital.

Titi has returned home for her father’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration, but she’s not there with well wishes for the man who sent her away many years ago. She’s come looking for answers—about the child she was forced to give up for adoption and about her family’s secretive history. Her mother does not want her snooping into family affairs that are better left in the past, but Titi is determined.

Nefertiti “Titi” Godbolt’s been a captive of her family’s secrets her whole life. Although it’s her father’s seventy-fifth birthday celebration, she’s not there to celebrate a man who always seemed to favor her siblings Josh and Cleo, while he, along with Titi’s mother, treated Titi as the black sheep in the family—even before she got pregnant and they forced her to give up her daughter. But when Titi’s father and his brother have it out during the party, some long-buried family secrets pop to the surface, and Titi realizes there may be some truth to the stories her great-grandmother told her when she was a child after all.

Now she’s not leaving until she learns the truth—even if it destroys her family in the process.

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