Friday, January 08, 2010

Denise and Rich Tuminello are Talking With Angels

Yvonne Perry's podcast guests today are Denise and Richard Tuminello. The couple will be discussing their mystical memoir/spiritual guidebook, Talking with Angels, which reveals the incredible power and potential of opening up to possibilities beyond the physical plane.

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Denise and Rich have are very familiar with angelic communication. They have had many out-of-body experiences and expanded states of consciousness in what is known as Focus Levels, which occur on the Astral Plane. The couple first became aware of the possibility in 2004 at the Monroe Institute--an educational institution that explores profound states of expanded awareness that result in new approaches to ways of thinking and the experiences of being.

For those who aren't familiar with The Gateway Experience® Wave, I'll explain. The CDs provide an in-home training series that uses headphones and binaural beats to get the brain into hemispherical synchronization. Combined with verbal guidance and subtle sound effects (or music) the series teaches the development, exploration and application of expanded states of awareness. I've looked my house over for the set of tapes I once had. I can't find them or else I would start listening to them achieve a focused, whole-brain state of consciousness to help me solve problems, develop creativity, and obtain guidance. Here is a link to a free 20-minute hemispherical synchronization listening experience.

After developing a different overview and a changed perspective of their lives, Rich and Denise's lives took on a new significance, which they have discussed in their new book, Talking with Angels, published by Outskirts Press.

Talking with Angels is a practical, engaging book that chronicles how Rich went from spiritually unaware to replete with wisdom—all thanks to his communicating with angels. With their help, he unlocks his past lives, discovers healing powers and learns incredible secrets of the universe.

Part 1 of Talking with Angels explains the basics of how Rich’s life was changed—with techniques and strategies that can expand one’s own spiritual existence. In Part 2, he introduces readers to his spiritual companion, a medium named Denise. Together their lives are similarly changed by opening up to this new world. Through it all, the couple meets a group of angels and star beings who help them achieve whole new levels of consciousness.

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Denise said...

Dear Yvonne,
Thank you once again for having us on your program!! We truly enjoyed our interview with you and hearing your views on all things of a spiritual nature. I am so happy to see you writing the Sid series, not only to help your relatives but other children as well, I think it is so wonderful of you! We hope that our doing this interview with you will help us in our getting the book out to many more people...Thank you again,
Many Blessings,
Denise & Rich