Monday, November 23, 2009

Powerful Book about Survival to Be Featured on Friday's Podcast

Please plan to join us this Friday as Writers in the Sky welcomes first-time author Julia Booker as she discusses her book I'm Still Standing. This novel tells the story of mother and daughter Jenny and Erin Baker. The two women endure every imaginable type of abuse, including rape, beatings, and emotional cruelty from the men in their lives. The book is filled with heartbreak, but also shows readers that they can survive through even the most difficult circumstances.

Julia Booker does not have a formal background in writing, but felt compelled to publish this very personal story. She shows a great ability to capture her readers' attention with the graphic but realistic depiction of her characters. Julia shares at the beginning of I'm Still Standing that she hopes her work while encourage women to leave their own abusive relationships.

Please visit the Amazon website to purchase I'm Still Standing.

Title of Document: Book Review
Book Title: I’m Still Standing
Author: Julia Booker
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4263-8
Genre and Target Market: memoir, abuse
Publication Date: 2009
Book Length in Pages: 125
Reviewed By: Sarah Moore

Books certainly have the ability to transport you into the lives of their characters, which may be a thrilling adventure, a terrifying experience, or something in between. A period piece can whisk the reader away to the royal courts in Europe or the frontiers of the Wild West. As you turn the pages of a science-fiction novel, you may be able to close your eyes and envision yourself exploring a new galaxy. And then, sometimes, there are those books that just hit you in the gut with raw emotion … plain and simple. You are handed the heartbreak and pain that a supposedly fictional person is living and the feelings could not be more real. Such is the case with the first release by author Julia Booker, entitled I’m Still Standing. The gripping story shared within its pages will affect you long after the final words are read.

I’m Still Standing tells the story, primarily, of a mother and daughter who find themselves caught in lives of constant abuse. Jenny Baker gives birth to her daughter, Erin, when she is just a young teenager and soon begins to numb the regrets of her life through drugs and alcohol. The men who Jenny brings into her home are abusive in all possible respects to both her and her daughter, as the reader is brought into scenes of beatings, rapes, and emotional cruelty. As Erin develops into a young woman, she is dismayed to find herself in danger of following the same path in life that her mother has chosen.

Julia Booker’s writing is so powerful because each word seems to come at the reader from a place of genuine and enduring pain. The author mentions on the back cover of I’m Still Standing that her book depicts a true story, which makes each episode of abuse and neglect even more compelling. There is no attempt to sugarcoat the harsh reality that exists in the lives of both Jenny and Erin. The scenes of violence are graphic, the language used between those who should be in loving relationships is explicit and hurtful, and all of the shattered pieces of Erin’s life are not brought back together with a shiny bow by the end of the book. Yet, through it all, the reader is also given a sense that there is reason to have hope. After all, as the title points out, Erin remains standing and growing stronger through her ordeals.

If you are looking for a light read to enjoy while on vacation, I’m Still Standing is probably not the right book for you. If, however, you are ready to make an emotional investment in women who are repeatedly told they are not worth the time, you should check out this initial release by new author Julia Booker. I’m Still Standing is a gut-wrenching literary experience that sends an important message to all of its readers, but especially women, about the damage of staying in an abusive situation. Hopefully, as the author encourages in her introductory letter to her readers, the words of I’m Still Standing will result in at least one reader deciding to leave an abusive situation. I cannot imagine a more important impact for a book to have.

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