Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to Activate and Listen to the Voice Within

I attended a lecture by author Janet Conner at Unity Church last week. Not only was Janet entertaining, I learned about soul writing and I’d like to share a few writing tips with you. She instructed us on how to write from theta brain waves that support creativity rather than beta waves associated with stress (where many people live their daily lives).

I’ll have Janet on my podcast in early February, but if you want to get a jumpstart on writing down your soul, get Janet’s book, Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within on Amazon.com.

Try this writing exercise using these seven steps:
  1. Set your intention to connect with the voice inside you
  2. Address the voice directly: Dear ______ (fill in the blank with whatever name you want)
  3. Write by hand
  4. Activate all five senses. Vision, hearing, and touch are automatic in this process, but include a candle, incense, aroma oil, or flowers for smell and water for taste
  5. Ask open-ended questions as you write.
  6. Write fast; don't stop to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation (very hard for me as an editor). Just let the words flow from spirit to paper without the interference of logic or correctness.
  7. Be grateful; say thank you.
Let me know how you fair with this. Leave a comment to let me know you've tried it and what you experienced.


Chelle Cordero said...

great advice.
Write fast without stopping to make corrections - that is the first thing I always tell any writing students in my workshops.
Thanks for an informative article.

Janet said...

Yvonne: Thank you so much for sharing Writing Down Your Soul with your readers. Send them to http://www.writingdownyoursoul.com for more info. Can't wait to speak with you on the Feb show. Janet Conner