Thursday, October 29, 2009

Progressive Blog Tour for Children's Holistic Book

Yvonne Perry is hoping to network with about 20 blog owners to help get the word out about her children’s book of holistic (body, mind, spirit) stories. Each book teaches skills such as following inner guidance, being true to one’s self, or overcoming fear. Modeled after the lessons Yvonne's grandson, Sidney, these are great for the classroom, young readers, or toddlers being nurtured at home.

Think of a progressive dinner where you travel to one house for the appetizer, another house for the soup; at the next stop, you get an entrée, etc. Now, put that into book and Internet terms, and you get a virtual blog tour. Your blog could be one of the “houses” or stops on Yvonne’s virtual book tour. She would love to make a guest appearance on blogs that have to do with parenting, grand-parenting, children, family, spirituality, inner guidance, communicating with angels, healing, diversity, death of a pet, or recycling.

If you would be willing to participate on a date between Nov. 26 and Dec. 10, please let Yvonne know. She will help you invite folks to come to your blog and partake of the goodies that you offer as the host. Yvonne will even provide the goodies: an article, interview, video clip, or other free content-rich material.

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