Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Special Podcast for Laboring Writers

Authors never take a day off from writing and book promotion. Our way of celebrating the Labor Day holiday is to have a special podcast in the middle of the week!

Join us on WITS Podcast today, Wednesday, September 9 as we feature Cassandra Sams' labor of love—a book titled Celestial Desire.

Celestial Desire
is a novel about spiritual growth through our relationships with others. It is also an exploration of the author's own inner struggle with the split in female consciousness frequently referred to in feminist literature as "the madonna/whore complex." Despite how lofty this sounds, Celestial Desire contains a great storyline about two women from the opposite extremes in life, who become wonderful friends and share one another's sorrows. An entertaining read that evokes thought and emotion.

Cassandra Sams is a licensed mental health professional who counsels adolescent girls at a behavioral facility in Florida. She is here today to talk with us about her first novel Celestial Desire published this year by Outskirts Press.

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