Friday, September 04, 2009

New Author Discusses Vampires and Paranormal on Today's Podcast

Author R. L. Sloan is sitting down today for a conversation with WITS team member Sarah Moore to discuss her new book Embellish. This novel offers its reading audience a new twist on the popular vampire story.

As Embellish unfolds, R. L. Sloan exposes a violent feud between families that has existed for generations, during which different participants have called upon special powers both good and evil. Embellish is also a story of romance, with a compelling attraction that main character Solis Burkes feels for a mysterious vampire named Nacio from their first meeting. Together, Solis and Nacio will fight to end the pattern of violence and death that has followed them. Along the way, readers will meet diabolical characters whose actions will remain with them long after the last pages of Embellish are turned. Who will be victorious in this grand struggle?

R. L. Sloan is a south Texas native who has long held an interest in the paranormal. In addition to her pursuits as a writer, Ms. Sloan is an active participant in community efforts.

Click here to listen... to the entire interview with R. L. Sloan

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