Friday, September 25, 2009

Kill the Addiction: Stop Smoking, Without Quitting

Have you been trying unsuccessfully to quit smoking?

Then, this book by John English is for you! In fact, anyone who has ever struggled to kick the nicotine habit, will appreciate the simple yet miraculous method outlined in Kill the Addiction: Stop Smoking Without Quitting. This method has been proven to help people stop smoking permanently-without quitting. Even if you've smoked for decades. The author smoked for 50 years!

Listen to Writers in the Sky Podcast today as John joins show host Barbara Milbourn to discuss his first book, Kill the Addiction: Stop Smoking Without Quitting.

John English was born in Grenoble, France in 1930 to an English teacher. Raised in England, he left for Canada at the age of 21, made it his home, and eventually became Canadian CEO for three consecutive multinational companies in the beauty products business, over a 25-year span. Now retired, he and his wife divide their time equally between Florida and Canada.

John is a former smoker of fifty years. He was unable to quit smoking but was concerned about his health, so he devised a way to become smoke-free without quitting! He has been happily free of his addiction for over seven years now, and wants to share the secrets of his method with anyone and everyone anxious to kick the habit, and become drug-free.

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