Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interview with Author Eliza Earsman

Writers in the Sky team member Sarah Moore recently sat down with author Eliza Earsman to discuss her new book Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story.

Sarah: Please share the premise of Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story so that we may start by knowing a bit about the book’s content.

Eliza: My book is authenticated non-fiction which can be classified under history, autobiography, or current events. I have become an unintended agent provocateur to the UGLE (United Grand Lodge England ) British Masonic Mountbatten-Windsor royal family, their inner circles, and their familiar spirits. Fierce and deliberate attempts have been made against my life for my efforts to share what I have learned. In this book I recount, in part, details of what I suffered to promote justice and truth. That suffering is in small measure in comparison to what Masonic script masters are doing internationally in places such as Iraq. In the book, I assert that the Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s World War III/New World Order contentions and intentions are verifiably satanic! Days of Elijah: A True Story is a war document. Details were lodged with the Institute of War Documentation, Holland.

Sarah: You make the claim that the Scottish Ritual Freemasonry is behind some of the deadliest acts of terror in recent memory as well as both World War I and World War II.

Eliza: That is so. Scottish Ritual Freemasonry and anti-Masonic dissident activity is (now) easily identifiable. Masonic veils of deceit, crime and corruption have been lifted. Individual Masonic files are open and public! Scottish Ritual Freemasonry has a current New World Order/One World (Masonic) Government agenda. We saw that also prior to/during World Wars I and II. I have left notes on pages 68-70 for journalists/others to do with them as they think fit. Second generation Scottish Ritual Masonic Nazis, Skull and Bones Lodge USA, and Cullen House Scotland do not go unseen, unknown or unmentioned.

Sarah: One of the incidents you mention is the Lockerbie bombing, a horrible incident that has been in the news again recently. How do you believe the Freemasons were involved in this deadly plot?

Eliza: What has to be remembered is that the bombing of Pan Am 103 (The Maid of the Seas) was retaliatory action for a previous major incident involving the USS Vincennes. In 1988, crew on that ship shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the Persian Gulf killing all 290 civilian passengers. Nothing of significance was done to or about those responsible. There is a phrase in Scotland which says “getting off Scot free.” What that really means is Scottish Ritual

Freemasonry is answerable and accountable to no one. The Maid of the Seas cockpit fell to earth at Tundergarth near Lockerbie. By a few yards it is directly opposite Tundergarth Church which holds christening, marriage and burial records of some of my ancestors. If that bombing had to occur – and it did not happen by the Hand of God – then it has touched down in such a place that its source on earth can be identified. (That plane was running late and should have been out over the Atlantic.)

In Days of Elijah I have detailed Masonic activities of major players in the aftermath of that bombing, and there is not an honest face among them.

Do I believe Mr Megrahi is guilty of the crimes involved? Knowing and having been on the receiving end of Masonic prosecutors, I would not believe a single word that comes from them.’ Mr Megrahi claims innocence. Until or unless he is proven otherwise, I believe him.

In view of the ongoing controversies and before further flare ups, Robert Mueller III, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States, has been asked to examine the details in Days of Elijah. So have others. Mr. Mueller has acknowledged receipt of that request. He was involved in the initial December 1988 Pan Am 103 enquiries. Public queries as to his position in this matter should be involved.

Sarah: What is the connection of the British royal family to the Masonic plot that you describe?

Eliza: As central to the cost and loss involved since 1987 by Scottish Ritual Freemasonry, Queen Elizabeth II, reigning monarch of Britain is responsible. It is she who holds accountability for the evil made manifest. Expanded and authenticated details are in the book.

Sarah: In Days of Elijah, you equate the Freemasons with Baal on many occasions. Does this mean that the Masons are direct agents of Satan, incarnations of Satan, etc?

Eliza: The cult and occult practices of Scottish Ritual Freemasonry are not difficult to recognize and understand. They are in direct contrast in all aspects from that which is taught by Almighty God, which major religious faiths around the world hold as being valid.

From the point of choosing to join Freemasonry, the entered bonded apprentices become tools in their master’s hand. They are not incarnations of Satan. Their occult and deviant activities prove, and have proven, the details contained within that cult. Freemasons are small in number, approximately five million worldwide, and are servants of Satan.

Sarah: Besides this book, how have been working to share your beliefs regarding the Masonic intentions with the general public?

Eliza: “Beliefs” would be better described as being “unadulterated and authenticated evidence.” I have presented details, traveled internationally, joined press groups, issued press releases, networked intensively and frequently. I have asked for and received help in raising URGENT international awareness. Awareness is being enhanced daily.

Sarah: You begin each chapter of Days of Elijah with a passage from Scripture and you mention the importance of your faith throughout the book. How has your faith affected your research into the Masons and your efforts to share your findings?

Eliza: The Scripture passages are very relevant and serve to anchor both me and readers. Only by the close and active Presence of God Almighty have I come this far. Without His very near and very dear Presence I would be where freemasonry has fought long and hard to put me, which is six feet under the earth with the lid on.

Faith in God is certain knowledge - both by experience and understanding. How does faith affect me? “Almighty God does not leave alone those He calls or those who call to He.” He is always near.

Sarah: You mention in your book the significance of the lineage of Elijah, Elisha, and now you—Eliza. Could you please explain this?

Eliza: The Old Testament prophet Elijah and his work are documented in the Book of Kings in the Holy Bible. Elisha was called as successor to Elijah, after which Elijah was taken to Heaven. The closing words of the Old Testament in Malachi 4:5-6 state clearly that Elijah and the work of Elijah will precede the Second Coming of Jesus.

My birth was foretold from four generations back of a non-Masonic family. That is detailed in the book about which we talk—Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story. Trust in Almighty God was to be carried through the generational line until the fourth generation of the female line. In the fortieth year of that female, God would prove true! That does not make me special, but that Calling of Almighty God is quite specific. That is exactly what happened in 1987.
Eschatological and indisputable evidence shows that the Days of Elijah are on time.

Sarah: Why is the year 1987 so crucial to your discoveries concerning your life’s purpose and the talents you were given to fulfill this purpose?

Eliza: As mentioned, God-given trust was to be carried through the generations until the fourth generation of the female line. In the fortieth year of that person, God would prove true. I was born in 1947. 1987 was my fortieth year. Freemasons in my local area knew these details, which is why so much was planned by them around the time of my birthday.

Sarah: In Days of Elijah, you share with the readers many details concerning your childhood. How did your upbringing prepare you for your current work?

Eliza: Plain simple clean teaching works wonders. So does fresh air, nature, and memories of good and true! I have no need of expensive habits and am reasonably flexible and adaptable. I have for a long time recognized that less in the material and more in the spiritual is right for me. Weathering the venomous Masonic storms has been time-consuming and killing. They won’t win.

Sarah: You share some ways in which those in positions of power have worked to silence you. Could you please explain a couple of these efforts in detail?

Eliza: This quote may in part serve the purpose and answer the question:
‘Telling the amazing story of Eliza Earsman, I was unprepared for what was about to unfold before my eyes ... What is so interesting about this story is its sheer unbelievableness. Yet all the facts are clearly presented. Pictures are offered … names and dates and locations are all given. Why has this story - and all that it entails - been kept locked away and never told? The answer to these questions is revealed in the story - one that you will have to read to believe. If you have an intriguing mind or have experienced some things in your life that have led you to question the currently presented storyline of history, then this book is a must have. It will open your eyes to what is going on around, and your heart to the author for having the courage and will to present this story.’

Sarah: You were sentenced to a psychiatric hospital and labeled a paranoid schizophrenic by the British authorities. Why do you think these steps were taken against you?

Eliza: There was no sentencing. Corrupt officials wanted to have me put “under, out and away,” as they do to others, also. Apparently I wasn’t going “out or under” as swiftly as they wanted. I am not paranoid—I have never been. I am not of broken or unsound mind. By God’s Grace I have not been, and hopefully never will be.

Sarah: Several times in Days of Elijah, you offer short segments from a Days of Elijah film script. Is there a film in the works? If so, please share how that is progressing. If not, is a film something you would like to pursue for this book?

Eliza: A non-fiction third draft film script is available. The international public has a need and a right to know what is going on. There is enough also for documentaries.
Sarah: How long did it take to write this book? Any interesting tidbits you would like to share concerning your writing method or how the book developed?

Eliza: Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story has been lived daily. Getting Days of Elijah into the global domain for independent analysis, recognition and verification, has been time consuming but rewarding. The authenticated work is gaining support and going further public. Despite Masonic contention and difficult circumstances Days of Elijah has, in recent years, gone public both through the internet and book printings in 2007 and 2008. These editions are now out of print. This new 2009 edition, Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story. 230 pages, has been professionally edited and typeset and has a professional cover. I hope to make that available also in e-book formats. An affiliated Collection of Verse, which is non-fiction as well, expands on some of the data in Days of Elijah.

Sarah: How did you publish your book? Tell me about your publishing experience and what you learned from it.

Eliza: As a matter of urgency I visited New York publishing house and literary agents. I also sent details internationally by post. Experience taught me that most of the major publishing houses are now owned by the Scottish Ritual Masonic. As a result of experience over a number of years, I set to and learned how to be a publisher. In this 2009 publication of Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story professionals have been employed to deal with cover design, editing and typesetting. I hope to learn more.

Sarah: Where is your book available? Do you have a Web site or blog where we can learn more about you or your book?

Eliza: Further information, a press release, and my biography are available at Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story is currently discounted at Orders over $25.00 qualify for free shipping in the United States. A Collection of Verse is also available at A new blog is on I still have work to do on that one.

Sarah: Do you have any future writing projects in the works? Please tell us a bit about what we can expect next!

Eliza: As I mentioned, the third draft film script is available. Hopefully I will publish further works but nothing at this very minute! A deserved rest will be appreciated.

Sarah: What do you want readers to take away from reading Days of Elijah? Are there specific actions you hope people will take?

Eliza: Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story is cross-cultural and interdenominational. It is topical, educational, historical non-fiction for monotheistic and sensible readers! Remember the killing fields of the Masonic agenda.

Sarah: Any other comments you would like to share about your new book, Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story?

Eliza: God is great! Push for truth, do not be misled, waylaid, or thwarted. At no time be swamped by mention of Scottish Ritual Freemasonry’s details. Help get the light through and expand international awareness. Commend these books to others. Be happy!

Sarah: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and learn about your book. I wish you well in your journey as an author.

Eliza: Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

That is an excellent/informative presentation. Thank you.

These books are getting good reviews.

Please see the websites at:


for further information.

Pendra Lee said...

Your interview with Eliza was very good. In fact, I think you drew more out of her in the interview that came out in her book. Honestly, as I read it, I wondered where in the word Eliza was trying to go. I actually had the thought that "this author is schizophrenic" then several pages later I found out that others had arrived at the same conclusion. I was very disappointed in the content. The advanced PR led me to believe this was a book with conclusive evidence about the activities of the Masons. Rather it is a random collection of alleged clues. I assume the author is expecting the reader to take off and do the investigation. Please tell me where I am going wrong.

Eliza Earsman said...

Ref P. L. Snyder's comment:

'Please tell me where I am going wrong.'

Reread - and let us know your results.

Anonymous said...

Is 'Pendra Lee' the same Pendra Lee SNYDER, editor/owner of Christian Citizen USA?

Has she taken the time to analyze what is said in Days of Elijah (Revised and Expanded): A True Story?

Mature and interested individuals feel she is duty bound to do so.

Has she for instance examined 'The truth summarized in verse' near the beginning of the book i.e. 'Lest She Forgets. Lest We!'

Has she been in contact with the author re any of Ms Snyder's misconceptions? Has she sought to clarify/put them right?

All relevant queries, the answers to which will be publicly welcomed.

Copies to interested parties.

Anonymous said...

This poor woman really needs to stay on her anti-psychotics, and stop listening to the goblins in her head.

Oh, the joys of Vanity Publishing !

NOTHING in this book is authenticated, except that the incidents happened. Any 'proof' Ms. Earsman offers is from her own imagination, culled to make her gullible Readers believe her wild-eyed hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your comments! I was about to spend $25 for this book after criss crossing research where this author and book came up. "These books are getting good reviews?" There are only 2 reviews... one used in this interview(?) Looking for the truth related to "the new world order" and the Bilderberg meetings is arduous, painstaking and frustrating! Who is for real and whom do we believe?

Eliza Earsman said...

March 6 2010.

UPDATED information on the author's blog:

Main site:

This is identifiably corroborated and CHECKABLE nonfiction!