Monday, August 10, 2009

The Author of a New Prophetic Fiction Thriller to Discuss the Art of Writing

Author and Pastor Jimmy Root Jr., knows adventure. He portrays it in his fast-paced Prophetic Thriller called Distant Thunder--Book One of the Lightning Chronicles. Published by American Book Publishers, Distant Thunder is set to be released nationally on August 10, 2009.

On August 14, Sarah Moore will interview Jimmy Root about his book, Distant Thunder, which is part of the Lightning Chronicles Trilogy. What would happen if the entire world turned on Israel? This thriller provides the answer in a fast-paced read, filled with all the action and adventure that usually accompanies the end of the world. Jimmy is a longtime pastor, a student of Bible prophecy, and the host of "The Bible Uncensored," a radio broadcast aired in various regions of the country. See for more information.

The ordinary and mundane can be utilized in developing extraordinary characters. Reality is a stimulating adventure just waiting to be written.

Jimmy Root Jr is an author, blogger, and is a pastor with thirty years experience. He has lived in Costa Rica, in Central America, and Colombia, South America over a period of five years and is fluent in Spanish. He is professor of Eschatology (Study of end times) for Global University in Missouri, is the host of the Bible Uncensored Radio Show, and a published author. Married with three grown children, Jimmy was born and raised in the mid-west and is an avid outdoorsman, reader, and enthusiast of Nebraska Cornhusker Football.


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