Monday, June 08, 2009

Two Editors Helping Authors Prep Books

Barbara Milbourn will be hosting an interview with Linda J. Sellers on WITS Podcast this Friday, June 12, 2009. Both Barbara and Linda are editors who work with authors to help them get their books ready for the market. In this discussion, they will be sharing something to help those who are considering hiring an editor. They will talk about the different types of editing available.

Barbara is a Nashville-based freelance writer and Grammatika-certified editor focused on mechanical and substantive editing and proofreading. She is a member of Tennessee Writers Alliance, Toastmasters International, and a local book club. She also participates weekly in a small writing group with other Natalie Goldberg students. Barbara serves as copy editor, proofreader, writer, or coach to those needing assistance with a book. She has edited or proofread more than a dozen books for WITS clients.

Linda is an excellent editor and ghostwriter with a great sense of story structure, tension, and pacing. She also has a great eye for consistency in details. She is a member of the popular editing blog, The Blood-Red Pencil. She works as a manuscript evaluator for one of the major vanity publishers. In this interview, she will talk about the mistakes she sees again and again with these manuscripts.

Ms. Sellers is an award-winning journalist, editor, novelist, and occasional stand-up comic based in Eugene, Oregon. She is the author of the highly-praised mystery/suspense novel, The Sex Club, and has a second Detective Jackson story, Secrets to Die For, coming out in September.

With the kind of talent and background these ladies have, you won't want to miss this discussion! We are all sure to learn something!

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