Monday, June 01, 2009

Karen Reddick Does Grammar Right This Friday

Join us on Writers in the Sky Podcast this Friday, June 5 when Karen Reddick discusses the 2nd edition of her book, Grammar Done Right! . This revised and expanded 2nd edition offers 50 more great tips, while cleaning up some of the missed typos and mistakes found in the 1st edition.

I promise that Karen and I are not meanies or grammar snobs, but we do enjoy good writing and proper editing, and we are willing to share what we know. Here are a few things you can do while you wait for our show this Friday:

Become a fan of Grammar Done Right! on Facebook at

Bookmark and visit Karen's blog and post comments or start a conversation with others who leave comments.

Get Karen's weekly Grammar Tips e-zine. It's great for friends and family who love to write (or need help with their writing). Sign up at

I keep a copy of Karen's book on my desk and use it regularly. You might want to buy her book as gifts for friends, family, colleagues, associates, teachers, and students.

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