Friday, June 05, 2009

Get Your Grammar On! Here Comes Karen Reddick!

Do you know when to use who vs. whom?

Is it all right to use alright?

Get answers to these and other grammar tips delivered weekly to your inbox!

And, listen to Karen Reddick and Yvonne Perry as they discuss Karen's book Grammar Done Right! Revised & Expanded 2nd edition.

Karen L. Reddick is a master virtual assistant and author of The A-Z Guide: The Best Ways To Work With A VA, and Grammar Done Right! 1st and 2nd Editions. She has over 30 years of administrative experience, the last seven as a successful virtual assistant, and owns V-And-E-Services and The Red Pen Editor providing author assistance and editorial services to authors, writers and publishers.

Get more Grammar Done Right! in this Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition offering over 50 new grammar, usage, and style tips. Including more easy-to-understand rules for: Numerals & Numbers, Punctuation, Grammar, Word Choices, Usage & Style, Figures of Speech. It's a hands-on quick and easy reference tool for authors, writers, scholars, students, teachers, business professionals, editors, and publishers. A clear, commonsense approach to grammar, usage, and style.

You may purchase Grammar Done Right on Amazon:

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