Sunday, May 03, 2009

Writing Competition Where Writers Come Together!!

Recently, I joined a group of writers known as BunnyRabbitSex. BunnyRabbitSex is just a name. The site is built for writers to come together to share and discuss their works!

Bunny has just announced the group's very first competition! Entry is free, but you must be a member of BunnyRabbitSex. That's also free!

The prize is a mystery fan prize. It's a themed BunnyRabbitSex prize and it's also a mystery! This makes it more exciting! This prize is a parcel, and will arrive at its destination in a box.

Requirements for Entering:
  • BunnyRabbitSex member for three or more days.
  • Have shared at least three of your own original works.
  • Have requested a badge.
  • Are willing to provide a postal address.
  • At least 16 years old.
Requirements for Entries:
  • Must use the general start piece below. May include some changes (like making her a he, changing the time of day, etc etc).
  • Must be no more than 25,500 characters and no less than 8,000 characters (Short story).
  • Must be creative and original.
  • Must be submitted by 12am Atlanta, Georgia (USA) time on the date of the deadline.
  • Must use the competition icon and be placed in the short story board with the correct Posting Templates used.
Start Piece:
The sun was bright and warm, at least warm enough to heat the grass. She watched it wave in the breeze and shivered as it came through the bush she was hiding in. She could hear the children screaming and laughing as they played around her. She felt safe here. For now.

Some Inspiration Questions:
Who, or what is this girl?
Why is she hiding?
Is someone after her? If so who and why?
Where is she hiding (no, not the bush, the place)?
What year is it?
What country/world is she in?
When will she stop hiding?
Where will she go and what will she do?
Is she hurt?
Does she have anything special about her?

Bunny says, "We are looking for creativity, proper grammar, context, and spelling. We want you to use your imaginations and totally throw us out of the water, make us go for a tailspin! Do something we don't expect. Make it silly, or funny, or whatever! The most entertaining, well written, and creative piece wins!"

Competition Submission:
May 1st - June 1st (ends at 12 a.m. June 1, 2009 EST).
  1. No one will be asked to pay any shipping/handling fees.
  2. No address is recorded. We respect your privacy.
  3. Please consult Bunny before making drastic changes to get them approved (show her your new paragraph). Try to keep the general idea.
You can view the full announcement at

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