Friday, May 01, 2009

Today's Podcast Interview Shares One Immigrant's Story

Author Dao Huynh joins team member Sarah Moore today to discuss her new release An Unknown Journey. In this novel, Ms. Huynh shares the story of a Vietnamese girl (also named Dao) who flees her war-torn homeland as one of the "boat people" of the 1970s. Readers learn of her year-long journey to the United States, which includes a long stop in Malaysia, her adjustment to the cultural and language barriers in her new country, and her determination to be a success story in America. It really is a book of two parts, the first one narrating her compelling efforts to reach the United States and the second half expanding on the relationships and struggles she encounters once reaching her destination.

In the interview, Dao Huynh will be discussing how the details in the novel relate to her own background, why both immigrants and children of immigrants will be particularly affected by An Unknown Journey, and how she reached the decision that this story needed to be told. She also will share what sparked her interest in the expression of writing in the first place.

Click here to the entire interview.

An Unknown Journey by Dao Huynh can be purchased at the Amazon website.

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