Friday, May 15, 2009

New Author Michael Presutti Joins WITS Podcast Today

Michael Presutti discusses his new book, Last Words, with WITS owner Yvonne Perry today. Last Words shares Presutti's vision of what happens when one man infiltrates a military compound and releases a biological agent over the skies of the western United States. As the virus spreads across the country, the infected members of the population transform into zombie-like creatures who prey on family members and strangers alike. The survivors become more isloated as they fight off the growing numbers of infected individuals who roam the land.
Last Words is a story of heroism, our notion of civilized society, and the threat of an apocalypse.

Michael will be discussing how his lifelong interest in horror and thriller stories influenced the writing of Last Words and how he developed the characters whose terrifying stories are revealed as the book unfolds. He also will address the idea that a single disaster, either natural or man-made, can destroy the tenuous structure of an organized society that we have managed to build.

Michael not only shares his great book, he also offers some great tips on how he's marketing his books. Here is a list of sites Michael mentioned during his interview. Authors will want to take advantage of these free promotion opportunities!
  • - promotes book events, lists signing dates, and helps you find other authors.
  • - Free classifieds ad service by Wal-Mart. For anything you might post on Craigslist including books.
  • - Free blogger site.
  • Basement full of books - Created by author Vonda McIntyre. Helps authors sell their books for free. (
  • a free site to which you may upload your book video trailer.
Click here to the entire interview.

Click here to purchase Last Words.

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