Friday, March 13, 2009

How About Some Divine Intervention on Our Podcast?

Our podcast guest today is Patricia Milner, the author of Divine Intervention. Patricia is an international psychic medium, Reiki master, spiritual teacher and trainer who has been psychic since birth. For the last ten years, she has worked full time in the counseling, training and healing fields. Before that, she worked as a human resource director and then managed her own human resources business for over ten years.

In her current work, she uses crystals, crystal energy, color, sound and sound vibration to help people heal. Her spiritual retreats guide people through life’s changes and challenges by helping them with their spiritual growth and development. She also uses her music and singing voice to create her own meditation music.

Contact Patricia for a reading or healing at or join the spiritual community at

Patricia has written articles for national magazines and a column about spiritual well-being for a local newspaper in England. She has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs discussing her healing work.

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She could remember every detail. Every line, every flaw, and every feature was burned into her memory. Whether it was the intricate design of the crochet blanket in the back of the rapist's truck, or the smile on her dead grandfather's face when he spoke to her at his own funeral, her vivid memory was just a small side effect of her increasing psychic skills.

Nobody had a clue about what she was going through—not her mother, her siblings, not even her father (whom she adored). The only ones who seemed to understand were her animal companions, some “beings” that floated around in her bedroom and those invisible strangers at school. She just knew things. She could read everyone's thoughts, and at times, it was just too much to handle. So she retreated into her fantasy world, walking through the fields, only to find again, that she was not alone.

Growing up with a foot in several dimensions was not easy, especially where her mother was concerned. Patricia was blamed for everything and never felt loved or appreciated. Considered the "freaky kid" at school, she stood up for herself by fighting and standing her ground. But, when she started hearing noises, having headaches, and receiving immediate answers to the questions in her head, she knew that something was happening —something frightening, yet beautiful and profound. From the angel who “took over” her singing voice at her solo concert, to the beings who took her on journeys across the universe, to her enhanced perception of colors, sound, and nature, slowly, over the years, she began to understand why she was so different.

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