Friday, February 13, 2009

Dodi Elhalogy on Writers in the Sky Today!

Author of New Cookbook Featuring Middle Eastern Recipes to Discuss the Lessons Concerning Culture and Health to Be Found Within Its Pages

Sarah Moore, author's assistant for Writers in the Sky, will be interviewing Dodi Elhalogy today about The Savory Secrets of Dodi's Home Cooking. Mrs. Elhalogy was raised on an estate in an Egyptian village. Since her father was mayor of the province, many important social events were held in their home. By helping her mothers and sisters prepare for these functions, Mrs. Elhalogy mastered the art of Middle Eastern cooking and the important role it plays in Middle Eastern homes and gatherings. In today's interview, Mrs. Elhalogy discusses the health benefits of the ingredients used in her cooking and what readers can learn about Middle Eastern culture from studying her book.

Click here to listen to the entire interview...

To learn more about Mrs. Elhalogy and her new book, please visit her page at Outskirts Press. Listeners may purchase The Savory Secrets of Dodi's Home Cooking here.

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