Monday, February 16, 2009

Author P.J. Thomas Will Join the Podcast on Friday

The podcast takes a serious turn on Friday, February 20 as P. J. Thomas discusses his new book My Name is Michael. Mr. Thomas spent two years in China absorbing the culture and learning as much as possible from its people. Along the way, he discovered the horrible practice of children being abducted, disfigured, and then forced to beg in the streets. He decided to create the fictional story of My Name is Michael to shed light on a very real problem.

Mr. Thomas' interview with Writers in the Sky will focus on how he gathered the material for this novel and the risks he took in doing so. Listeners also will have the opportunity to learn more about the characters who were based on real interactions experienced by the author, the process he uses to share this story in the most effective manner possible, and Thomas' suggestions for how readers of My Name is Michael can take action if they are moved by the content of his book.

My Name is Michael is a very powerful novel and Friday's interview promises more of the same.

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