Friday, January 23, 2009

Pam Lontos Shares Publicity Tips with Authors

Our show today will go beyond marketing a book online and take us outside the electronic boxes we sit in front of everyday. This is not to minimize the importance or the impact of online marketing, but to show authors how it is possible to get your book mentioned in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, USA Today, The New York Times, as well as various trade journals, e-zines, and radio shows.

Yvonne Perry's guest today is Pam Lontos, the president of PR/PR, a public relations firm that specializes in providing publicity to experts and companies. Pam is also the author of I See Your Name Everywhere: Leverage the Power of the Media to Grow Your Fame, Wealth and Success, published by Morgan James.

There is a PDF handout that accompanies this interview with Pam. I encourage you to open that document and print it out. After hearing Pam, you will be inspired to find the “hook” for your book and utilize print media to sell more books, develop name recognition, and stand out in the eyes of your prospects.

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Here are some things Pam mentions in our discussion:
  • How to get articles relating to your book (even fiction!) in trade magazines.
  • What is a media page and why is it important to have one on your Web site.
  • What goes on a media page.
  • Direct mailings? Are they effective? How do you get a list and who do you mail to? What do you mail them?
  • Tips for selling books at your speaking engagements.
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For more information about Pam Lontos, please visit her business Web site at You may reach Pam by phone at 407-299-6128 or via e-mail at

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Pam mentioned postcards and I promised to give a link to where you can have postcards printed with info about your book:


Anonymous said...

Is there a place to get this book in eBook or audio?

Yvonne Perry said...

I will ask Pam about that.

Yvonne Perry said...


I only have the book in a print version right now. I'm thinking of doing CDs in the future. Thanks!

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