Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keeping in Touch by Email without Spamming

An author asked me recently if there is an inexpensive way to market by email without setting off spam filters or spamming potential readers? I'm glad he asked!

Using your typical email provider such as Comcast, Gmail, or Hotmail to send an email to hundreds of folks at one time will trigger the spam police and get your email address black-listed or shut down. However, there are several programs (Constant Contact, GoDaddy’s Express Email Marketing) that offer a permission-based service that requires people to opt-in before you can send spam-free email to them. If you are subscribed to our newsletter list, you have "opted" in at

I have never purchased a mailing list. All my subscribers come to me through a permission-based service offered by my Web site host as an add-on product. I make it easy for people to subscribe. I have posted the subscription link on my Web site, all six of my blogs, and on social networking sites where I am a member. I also promote the newsletter on Twitter, facebook, and on MySpace as an incentive for people to click to our main Web site.

Plus, there is another option for keeping in touch with people who have visited your blog. Have them sign up for your RSS feed. This option only works if you have set up your blog or Web site for RSS feed as this blog is. Notice the orange icons to the right (and in this post below). We have given you the option of subscribing to the podcast or to the blog separately.

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This option is an easy add on if you are using Blogger (also known as, and you can learn how to do this in a great new e-book written by a longtime member of the WITS community. Just the FAQs - RSS Feeds and Just the FAQs - Blogs give you the step-by-step knowledge you need to set up a blog and RSS feed without going crazy with geek stuff. Check it out!

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