Friday, December 12, 2008

The Baby Boom Generation Faces One Author's Criticism

Author M.C. Lloyd will be joining us today on our Writers in the Sky podcast. He will be discussing his new book Moving Beyond Woodstock and the negative impact he believes some Baby Boomers have had on our society.

The author's assistant for Writers in the Sky, Sarah Moore, interviews Mr. Lloyd for today's show. Lloyd is a member of the Baby Boom generation who shares a critical take on the subset of his peers to whom he refers as the "Woodys". These are the men and women of the 1960s who either attended the famous three-day concert in New York or who have the mindset of those particular music lovers. In both his book, Moving Beyond Woodstock, and today's discussion, Mr. Lloyd shares a humorous depiction of the Baby Boomers and personal stories about his formative years and how the values of the time created his generation's priorities. But, he also shares some serious concerns about the type of impact that the "Woodys" have on government, business, ethics, and our culture. His strong opinions and sharp wit make for an entertaining and controversial interview!

Click here to listen... to part one of the interview.

M.C. Lloyd uses his background as a poet to create a text that is rich in descriptive language and emotion. He hopes that his new book, Moving Beyond Woodstock, will be the beginning of a larger conversation and encourages readers of his book and listeners to this program to contact him. Please visit his website to learn more.

Click here to listen... to part two of the interview.


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