Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why a Podcast About Writing?

I started Writers in the Sky Podcast, not as a marketing tool, but because of my desire to teach and to help other writers find their way to success. I am frequently asked questions about online marketing and publishing and a podcast is a way for me to distribute this type of information.

There are times when I want to stop the podcast because it takes so much time to produce and promote a quality show, but whenever I start thinking of bringing it to a close, someone will tell me how much they enjoy the show and how helpful it is to them. It keeps me going!

Do you enjoy the podcasts? Do you get any benefit from them? Do you have any suggestions on how we might improve them?

Please add your comments or feedback below this post.

Thank you!


J Hugh Thomas said...

Podcasts, even more than blogs, best fit my schedule for getting writing and publishing information. It is part of my weekly routine to listen to your podcast along with other popular writing podcasts. Here are the two big benefits I receive.
1) Good writing, editing, and publishing tips from experts and from authors.
2) Exposure to the format of author interviews to prepare me for the future, when I am interviewed as an author (hopefully).

Thank you for all you do.
J Hugh Thomas

E-zine Publisher said...

Thank you for your encouragement J Hugh!

Frankie's Mom said...

I love your podcast! As a writer and self-publisher and being me and only me in my office, the podcasts help me to feel connected. I learn from other writers and publishers. I also enjoy hearing about how other writer's write and their process. It inspires me and gives me courage to keep on going!
I too like podcasts better than blogs sometimes cause I can listen when I walk in the morning or when driving in my car.