Saturday, October 04, 2008

Writing Podcast with Controversial Theme in October

We have a very interesting line up of guests for the month of October. Blending with the Halloween theme and the political events in the media, we are covering some controversial topics on our writing podcast. But, controversial topics spur some great insight and people like to give their opinion on things. So, I'm ready to hear your thoughts about any of the shows or post this month (any time really) to see how you feel about our show and blog.

If you want to leave a comment on our blog, look for the words "Post a Comment" below the text of any entry. Clicking on that link will open a window where you may type your message. If you want to leave a voice message, simply call (214) 615-6505, give 7282 as the passcode and press # to save your message. I will post the comments on this blog as an audio link so others can listen.

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