Friday, October 31, 2008

Podcast Guest Rev Juliet Nightengale

Have you had a Near-Death Experience ~ Out-of-Body Experience ~ Spiritually Transformative Experience ~ or other experience that can't be readily explained?

Then, be sure to join Yvonne Perry as she interviews Reverend Juliet Nightingale on Writers in the Sky Podcast today.

Because of her NDEs (near-death experiences) and her involvement with the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), Ms. Nightingale not only pioneered her own radio program, Toward The Light, she has also been interviewed on other radio and television programs and has appeared in numerous print media as well. Juliet is our guest by special request as part of our Samhain (Halloween) celebration this month.

Toward The Light is a special organization that offers an abundance of resources and services that bring nourishment to the soul, inspiration, peace of mind and a true sense of well-being. We offer near-death studies & support (including a weekly radio show); Reiki & remote healing; psychic, spiritual, grief & motivational counseling as well as books/videos/DVDs on near-death and related topics. We also offer other special products and services for body, mind & spirit.

Click here to listen to the 35-minute interview...

Rev. Juliet Nightingale is a facilitator, radio show host, speaker, teacher, medium and life coach, and is available for public and private speaking engagements. She also conducts seminars covering a wide range of topics. From England, her accent immediately draws people in. And although a bit shy and reserved, with her "tell-it-like-it-is" style, Nightingale holds her audiences spellbound, then engages the audience in colorful dialogue.

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