Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Find a Job You Love, and You'll Never Work Another Day in Your Life!

By Taryn Simpson

No truer words were ever spoken. And, I can verify that I haven’t “worked” in several years since I became a freelance writer. I can say that I truly love my job. I meet interesting and friendly people all over the world. And, I do mean all over the world! I co-authored a book titled The Mango Tree Cafe, Loi Kroh Road with a client in Beijing, China!

Things in the freelance world tend to ebb and flow—it’s just part of it. Not too long ago, I was up to my eyeballs in projects and loving every minute of it. Lately, I have been producing all types of work and I enjoy the variety that the writing provides.

What have I been working on?

* Memoirs
* Fictional thrillers
* Newsletters
* Attending meetings and taking notes
* Creating trailers
* Writing for Ideas, Goals & Dreams, and Parkinson's Hope Digest magazines

What type of communication is gaining popularity with individuals and businesses?
Most people assume that a newsletter is simply a communication that is mailed out at the end of the year to catch friends and family up on the latest from home. Not so! While using the newsletter for keeping in touch with family and friends, it also serves as a useful business tool.

Do you provide a service or product? The newsletter is the perfect vehicle to touch base with your customers on upcoming sales, events, etc.

Do you work for Corporate America? Again, a newsletter is the perfect mode for keeping your employees abreast of the latest company news, benefit options, discounts and other company or wellness events.

Do you hate attending meetings? Never fear! I have been attending meetings for a busy executive and writing detailed notes for him. I'm here to make your job easier, whether it's writing a book, newsletter, or policy manuals!

Books. I have been thoroughly enjoying writing books lately. My clients are the most interesting people I have ever met! Some have a longing to write the great American novel while others want to have a book written simply for the fun of it. In any event, I can help you with your project!

Self-Publishing? I can help you see your book in print! I use to self-publish books. This means an ISBN is assigned and once your book is uploaded to their system, anytime someone orders your book, Lulu prints on demand and ships to your customer. Your book also is listed with Barnes & Noble and other online book retailers. They have a royalty tracking system and they are user friendly! I can also help you copyright your work. Ask me more about this service. Whatever your needs may include, I am here to help.

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