Sunday, August 24, 2008

Working with Multiple Programs at One Time

I know am guilty of running too many programs at once. I expect my computer's processor to keep up with my spontaneous, split-second, impulsive mind.

When working on a project, I am usually at my PC. I will typically have running: Ms Word, Wordpad (to remove unwanted formatting), the client's file folders, a photo editing program to work with graphics I'm adding to the text, and the client's Website may be open in case I need to reference it.

My MS Outlook is normally open all day. My Web site is pulled up to make it easy to answer the continuous flow of emails that need a response. My blog dashboard is more than likely open in case I get ideas for a new post. I may type in a blurb on Twitter as it crosses my mind; therefore, I may have at least four tabs open in Firefox and I may even have Internet Explorer simultaneously running with multiple tabs. Heavens, I've even had my MacBook open on my desk for more multi-tasking. How much is too much?

Whew! How many programs do you normally run at one time? Feedback welcome in the comments under this post.

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J Hugh Thomas said...

Sounds like my desktop. I usually have between eight and fifteen windows open at any given time. Rebooting daily is a requirement.