Friday, August 29, 2008

Going Through a Hard Time? It Could Be a Blessing

Kenneth Worth will be joining us today on Writers in the Sky Podcast August 29, 2008 to talk about how hard times in his life have made him a stronger person.

The youngest of two children, Kenneth F. Worth was born in Neptune, New Jersey, in 1939. Orphaned at age eleven, Worth grew up in the Jersey Shore area and overcame many trials. He went on to earn an MBA degree in Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University and worked for over thirty-five years as a successful manager.

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About the book:

Journey with author Kenneth F. Worth as he faces hard times and great blessings. His has been a road made rough by many adversities, including the tragic death of his parents at age eleven, a year in Vietnam and an array of serious physical challenges. Yet Worth insists that he is a blessed man who sees life as a challenge to be met head-on and as an opportunity to make a difference. Here Worth lays out his tragedy and triumph for everyone to see. His story will renew your faith and your optimism. You will feel new hope and courage to live your life to the full. You will be aware of God's blessings. Come and share the experience!

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ISBN: 9781432723088
Book is available at: paperback and e-book or Amazon kindle e-book or on-line everywhere.

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