Sunday, July 13, 2008

The iPod & iTunes Handbook by Contel Bradford

A few months ago, I was interviewed about how I use my iPod. Of course, I use it for listening to music, but that is not the primary reason I got one. I wanted an iPod so I could listen to my writing podcast on the go.

I answered Contel's interview questions via email and thought no more of it. This week I went to my mailbox and found a book: The iPod & iTunes Handbook by Contel Bradford. At first, I thought it was a book from a guest who was asking to appear on my podcast. After opening the package I was confused for a moment. I had not had a recent query from the author of that book. Then, it dawned on me. This is the book that I gave an interview for. Not only did Contel give my full response, but book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn more about using an iPod or downloading from iTunes.

I have a MacBook and a PC. One day I was using the PC and my husband was using the MacBook to download songs from iTunes. Later he wanted to transfer them to my iPod for a trip we were about to make. Big problem. Neither of us could figure out how to get the purchased songs from the Mac onto the iPod without erasing everything I already had on the iPod during the sync. Guess what? How to manually sync only certain songs is described on pages 76-77 in Contel's book! 

From the basics of how to turn off or unfreeze your iPod to tips and tricks about changing the album art, this book contains it all. It even includes a detailed history of how the iPod and iTunes came into existence and the features available on each model. 

I really appreciate the chance to be featured in the book along with many of my writing friends, but I also know I will be using this book as a much-needed reference manual. Here is the link to find out more about The iPod and iTunes Handbook:

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