Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good versus Evil Book and Video

Imani M. Royale is a client of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. She worked with Taryn Simpson on her latest book, Destiny's Deadly Dialogue, about the importance of finding one's destiny in life. I am excited to share this book with you and invite you to take a look at the book video Taryn made to introduce Imani and her book.


From the beginning, Ramla was set apart and predestined to carry out the will of God. Yet, at every turn, Satan was there to undermine every effort to do what was right. He placed many obstacles in her way, especially his protege', Samael. As Ramla fights for her life, her protector, Peter, the Angel of Faith will watch over her, but he is not able to interfere in her circumstances. Through Ramla, he learns why he didn't walk in the call God placed on his own life during his years in the world. A timeline was placed on her life to surrender to God. Will she make it in time or allow Satan to thwart the plan God has set for her? This supernatural thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Imani is a philanthropist. To help the poor, she donated thousands of dollars in 2006 to help spread the gospel to different nations. Ms. Royale traveled to West Africa to help the refugees of Sierra Leone. Imani's humanitarian efforts have taken her to the Netherlands, Ghana, Cameroon and Togo, Africa. She has also ministered to women all over the Washington metropolitan area.

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