Friday, July 18, 2008

Baseball & Father/Son Relationships Book

Kelley Dupuis will be joining us today on Writers in the Sky Podcast July 18th, 2008!

Kelley Dupuis was born in Vermont and grew up in California, where he attended San Diego State University, graduating with a degree in journalism and history. After a few years in newspaper and radio work, he joined the U.S. State Department and traveled about the world. Later he returned to journalism, winning a San Diego Press Club award for investigative reporting in 2004. He currently lives in Washington, D.C., where he works as a writer and editor. He and his wife Valerie, a real estate broker, have three dogs, three cats and no children.

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In Three Flies Up, Washington, D.C. author and award-winning journalist Kelley Dupuis explores two themes, one universal and one uniquely American. The perennial theme of fathers and sons forms the backdrop for the story of the author’s long, usually-troubled relationship with his own father, a career Border Patrolman who grew up both poor and largely without a father in his own life, and as a result had no role model for being a father himself. As the author grows up in the 1960s and ‘70s, father and son are at loggerheads more than often than not.

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But they share one very important, very American thing: a mutual love for the game of baseball, one of few things capable of bridging the cultural, generational and emotional gap separating father and son. Baseball is their chief, often only, common ground. When the author is in his late forties, after years of estrangement from his father and following his mother’s death, he returns home to California to assist in caring for his dad, now approaching 90 and gradually falling victim to dementia. Eventually, when the author becomes his father’s primary caregiver, baseball is more important than ever.

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