Sunday, June 01, 2008

WITS Podcast Schedule June 2008

June 6

Jerry Simmons, the author of What Writers Need To Know About Publishing, is coming to Writers in the Sky podcast on June 6, 2008 to share his experience and help authors understand what goes on inside major publishers. Jerry has worked twenty-five years for Random House—a major New York publishing house. His new site, NothingBinding, is an online social networking outlet where authors may sell their books and readers can find the books they are looking for. Join and submit your book now: Find out more about what Jerry has to offer authors on his Web site

June 13

Barbara Milbourn will interview Marc Loranger—the previously published author of a young adult fiction book titled Diamond In The Rough. His second book, You’re It, is part two of an exciting, new adventure series. If you like reading a story that has you hanging on to every word, then this book will leave you breathless and wanting more after each chapter. Who would have guessed that an innocent looking baseball card would send three boys into a world of espionage and murder? Join James, Corey, and Jed on this nonstop thrill ride. Just make sure you fasten your seatbelt first. Read more at

June 20

Sandy Powell will be joining Yvonne to discuss WordClay—a do-it-yourself publishing company. The interview will give authors an inside look at what this company offers the author who wants to publish quickly without the hassle of trying to find acceptance at major publishing houses. Learn more about ISBN barcodes, retail channel distribution services, Single International Standard Book Number, and WordClay’s online bookstore.

June 27

James Ross will be discussing his book, Finish Line, with podcast host Barbara Milbourn. Finish Line is a continuation of the happenings in and around the fictitious setting of Prairie Winds Golf Course on the East Side of St. Louis. Follow the adventures of two teenage boys as they explore a slice of life they never knew existed. Observe the special relationship between adolescents, a cast of grown golfing misfits, and a young man battling cancer. Explore the heart-wrenching relationship between an impressionable child and a pseudo big brother as they develop a love for the game of golf and apply those lessons to the challenges of life. Experience their reactions to drinking, smoking, and gambling as they battle a dysfunctional family situation, exposure to a life-threatening disease, and a summer to remember. Learn more at

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