Saturday, June 28, 2008

Published Poetry

These poems were published in the June 2008 issue of Writers in the Sky Newsletter.


As I tossed and turned last
night, He came and sat by my side.

I saw his face so kind. He
said to me“ Come take a stroll
through your life.”

We saw a child all alone,
afraid , dirty and stained.

We walked on and I saw my new
born babies, fingers entwined in mine.

I heard myself say, Thank you
God for These precious gifts..

I listened as I told them,
“You must love others as yourself.”

He paused and said, “Look back
at the child alone and afraid.”

I asked, “how could
anyone leave her there?”

He answered, “You were the little girl.
. You felt she was unworthy and left her
behind that day, though she had done no wrong.”

I cried bitter tears for
the little girl I had been.

He placed her in my arms
and I kissed her tears away.

Our hands entwined, we
fell asleep, whole and complete.

Gail Livesay is 57 years old and lives in Berea, Kentucky with her husband, Wayne. They have two children, Michael and Lisa and have been blessed with two granddaughters, Marina and Hannah. Gail writes poetry, fiction, plays and is currently revising her autobiography about growing up with bipolar disorder which was neither recognized and/or diagnosed.

Completing Moments

Freeing time, alone,
Natural floral arranging,
Fresh air, gusting and breezing,
Sun, extending a late morning welcome,
Its warmth tiptoeing across my skin,
Joining the meadow’s soothing tune.

Half-fluttering, half-floating, you appear,
Innocently flirting with each flower,
Diving and rising effortlessly,
Dipping and sipping selectively,
Steadily drawing nearer,
Accepting the offering of my hand.

Bearing marigolds and honeysuckle,
Bare feet tickling, antennae flickering,
Delicate wings fanning my breath away,
Brushing elegance along my lifeline,
Dancing beauty, black Swallowtail,
Returning my gratitude.

Usiku achieved early success and recognition for Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance. He received a 2008 nomination for an NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding Literary Work – Poetry. The title poem, “Eloquence”was featured in the souvenir program guide for the Image Awards. Usiku’s refreshing style has been shared through the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Parent, the Dana Literary Society and poetry collections. He has received television, newspaper, magazine and online media coverage.

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