Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book on Diabetic Foot, Limb Salvage, and Amputation Prevention

I would like to introduce you to a book and an author I am working with. Dr. Mark Hinkes (Chief of Podiatry at Veteran's Hospital in Nashville, TN) and I are excited about getting this book ready because we believe many people will be helped by the information provided. Here is a synopsis:

Keep the Legs You Stand On is a patient educational tool meant for the average person who may have diabetes. It’s also for the caregiver or anyone involved with the diabetic patient to help them better understand the issues surrounding the co-morbidities that affect the foot of the diabetic patient.

It’s a very daunting task because there’s so many aspects of this disease that affect different systems. Diabetes has reached an epidemic proportion due to our diet and lack of exercise. Millions of people don't even know they have pre-diabetes. Then, there are the political aspects of access to healthcare. Diabetes is everywhere around the world but the way we deal with it and the way we take care of people’s feet varies depending upon our resources and politics. 

We also know certain minorities have other risk factors and higher incidences. So, we’re trying to bring new life and information to at-risk people who are diabetic and show why they don’t have to lose their leg. This book will teach what people can do to self-empower and become active in their health and prevent an amputation. This requires a partnership between the patient and the medical posse that takes care of the patient. Interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary healthcare teams are strongly advocated in this book.

Nightengale Press will be publishing this book this fall. For more information about the book, see our Squiddo page.

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