Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Writers and Readers Read Up!


…there is a difference between a writer and an author. There’s also a difference between a published author and a successfully published author and it has nothing to do with publishing method?

…publishers are signing fewer and fewer titles and authors these days?

…there are several imprints, but only a few big houses. Who owns the big houses?

…large retail booksellers have such power that they can dictate terms such as the right to purchase an author’s book for 55% off retail and retain the ability to return any unsold books for a full refund?

… doesn’t want your book if you didn’t publish with Booksurge?

Jerry Simmons, the author of What Writers Need To Know About Publishing, is coming to Writers in the Sky podcast on June 6, 2008 to share his experience and help authors understand what goes on inside major publishers. Jerry has worked for 25 years for Random House—a major New York publishing house. His new site, NothingBinding, is an online social networking outlet where authors may sell their books and readers can find the books they are looking for. Join NothingBinding and submit your book now!

Find out more about what Jerry has to offer authors on his website

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