Thursday, May 01, 2008

WITS Podcast Schedule May 2008

May 2 John Tobin
Barbara Milbourn
will be interviewing John Tobin—the Executive Director of the Energy LITERACY Project, Inc. This program is attempting to address the public perception of the energy industry by promoting balanced educational and informational programs based on the interlocking nature of energy in all of its forms. Topics include conservation and energy efficiency, the role energy plays in fueling the economy, and the impact our choices have on the environment. Mr. Tobin is the author of Confessions of an Energy Price Forecaster - A 12-Step Program to Enlightenment published by Outskirts Press, 2008, Denver, Colorado.

May 9 Roger Parker
Yvonne Perry will interview best-selling non
fiction author Roger Parker. His interests is in helping other authors plan, write, promote, and profit from a published book. In our interview, Roger will discuss the 10 Characteristics of Effective Nonfiction Titles . His website, Published & Profitable, ( contains audios, checklists, reports, case studies, interviews, videos, and tools to help beat writer's block and get started.

May 16 Tim Stewart
Retired US Army Captain, Tim Stewart, is the author of Positive Force Positive Force is a fictional story involving a red-headed nurse, a red-headed stranger (ghost
), a police detective, and some lovable teenagers who find themselves involved in gangs. It comes complete with a constitution that can be applied to help young people focus their energies on positive action vs. negative influences. Join Yvonne Perry, the developmental editor who assisted Tim with his book, as she interviews him about the story, his work with youth, and his publishing and marketing experience with Nightengale Press.

May 23 Amy Martin
Sarah Moore, our newest WITS team member and podcast host, will be interviewing author Amy Martin about her book Living to Tell About It, A Pursuit of Normalcy. Amy is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, wife, mother and quite literally, a survivor. Her memoir details her harrowing medical illnesses (Graves disease to colon cancer) and automobile accident that would require her to re-learn motor and speech skills—all before the age of 20. Her fight to return herself to “normalcy” is one that is both inspirational and unforgettable. To purchase Amy Martin’s mem
oir, please visit or at

May 30 Christina Hamlett
Christina Hamlet is the author of Movie Girl—a book in the new fiction series just released by Outskirts Press. The book is targeted to teens and tweens. Christina has written 25 books, 125 plays and musicals for young people, and 5 optioned feature films. She is also a professional script consultant for the movie industry, as well as a ghostwriter for The Penn Group in Manhattan. Join Yvonne and Christina as these two ghostwriters share their stories.

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