Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some Accomplishments of Nashville Writers

David M. Harris has published a poem in the online journal, Slow Train.

A story of Batya Deene Wininger , “Mr. Wolffe's Side of the Story" was accepted for inclusion in Drollerie Press's Little Red Riding Hood Anthology.

Peter was interviewed by Bookslut.

Angela Sutton has had an article about Barbary pirates accepted for publication in a Pirate anthology for June.

Robert Michael recently got his new book published, History of Catholic Antisemitism: Dark Side of the Church.
For an overview of his book, check here:

Robert Michael has also created several blogs to stir some interest in his recently created novel, Jewdysseos.

Ron Firmin, author of Fire Your Financial Planner, was recently interviewed on Yvonne Perry’s podcast:

Yvonne Perry continues to provide free information on writing and the publishing world in her podcasts, Writers in the Sky:

Linda Woods has recently updated her Windows to Wellness web site, which include podcasts:

J.M. Kerr recently read at Davis-Kidd Booksellers from his book, Why Mr. Right Can’t Find You. Ex-Cottagers in Love, his new novel, was published in May 2008. And the sequel to his book, Why Mr. Right, will be published in Jan 2009, Better Love Next Time. Information about his book, Why Mr. Right Can’t Find You: For more information about J.M. Kearns:

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