Friday, April 18, 2008

TGIF April 18th, 2008! Ron Firmin!

TGI Friday! I have uploaded a new show to my podcast this week! Ron Firmin will be joining us today on Writer's in the Sky Podcast to discuss his latest book titled Fire Your Financial Planner.

Would you like your money to work harder for you?

Ron Firmin’s new book, Fire Your Financial Planner, was written with Baby Boomers in mind, but regardless of our age, we should manage our resources, assets and money more wisely. How do we do that? The information that Ron Firmin will share on Writers in the Sky Podcast April 18th cost him over $3 million, but it will only cost you $20 for the book that will teach you his lessons.

Here are some of the questions that will be discussed during Ron’s interview with Yvonne Perry:

1) Why do you recommend working with a financial planner but yet your book is titled, Fire Your Financial Planner?
2) What can I do to enhance or grow my personal retirement account?
3) When should I fire my financial planner?
4) What is OPS? (this is the gold nugget - the diamond in the rough)

Click here to listen to Part 1...

We all have a responsibility to be personally involved in the management of our own Personal Retirement Account (PRA). Sometimes, we have to "fire" ourselves. Learn more in Ron’s book on our podcast.

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Fire Your Financial Planner
ISBN 9781605852874

Find Ron Firmin online at

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