Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free Help for Writers and Readers

The May issue Writers in the Sky Newsletter is ready for you to read online at Lots of book reviews, networking items, articles on writing, book publishing, and marketing, our podcast schedule, and some terrific poems!

I'd like to share a comment from one of the readers/subscribers to our newsletter:

I totally understand why you only put out the newsletter once a month. It takes that long to read through everything and check out the links and such. It's just packed with good information and sometimes it takes a while to go through all the extra links and stuff to get even more info about the person who wrote the article or more info on what they said.

Yvonne, your newsletter and your podcasts are absolute gold mines of info especially to a newbie like me. I really appreciate that you open it up to other folks for writing tidbits. It really makes the whole thing well rounded and there's always something for everyone there. Thank you for making it available for free. It's an awesome resource.

Here is the list of things included in this issue:

Evaluate the Profit Power of Your Next Book Title by Roger C. Parker
WITS Podcast Schedule May 2008
May 2 John Tobin
May 9 Roger Parker
May 16 Tim Stewart
May 23 Amy Martin
May 30 Christina Hamlett
Thirteen Rules for Publicizing Your Book by Mark David Gerson
Speaking Out Against Amazon's Recent Policy by Valerie Connelly
Network With Us
The Writing Life: How to Overcome Writer’s Block by JJ Murphy
Can you Pounce on a Breaking News Event?
May Poems
Mother’s Poem by Tim Stewart
Hearts Aflutter by Dennis Martin
Rain by Hal Manogue
War And Peace by Gail Livesay
Always the Road by Jan Bossing
How To Unearth Buried Treasures by Michael Levy
May Book Reviews

Remember to send me your material by the 25 of the month prior.

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