Friday, May 16, 2008

Author Tim Stewart on Gang Activity

Tim Stewart will be joining us today on Writers in the Sky Podcast to discuss his book Positive Force.

Tim Stewart was raised on a farm where he was controlled by nature, not a clock, but he soon learned that he had better be on time when he joined the U.S. Army and left for basic training in 1973. By the time he retired as a Captain in 1998, he had been a military policeman, a motor pool dispatcher, a combat medic, an infantryman, an infantry platoon leader, an infantry executive officer, and an infantry company commander (twice). He had taken a unit to Germany and provided training for one of the elite units. He was also a trainer at the Officer Candidate School where he was the Distinguished Candidate of Class 29-84.

The greatest adventure of Tim’s life began when he was stationed at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in Denver, CO. There, he met the love of his life—a redheaded nurse who became his wife after only six weeks. Thirty-two years later, Tim and April have three children and five grandchildren—most of whom have namesakes as characters in his book Positive Force.

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Synopsis of the book:

Positive Force offers a positive alternative to gang involvement. It is a fictional story, but comes complete with a constitution that can be applied to help young people focus their energies on positive action vs. negative influences. Oakwood is divided by 5 gangs. The main characters are a nurse, a cop and a red headed youth. A patient of the nurse’s, who has been silent for twenty years, screams when she sees a tall red headed young man on the street. The nurse discovers that the young man looks eerily like the woman’s son, who died as a result of gang violence. The nurse begins a journey to find the young man. She begins this search while raising a freshman basketball player and a seventh grade son as a single parent. She starts at the police department. Here, she meets the head of the city’s gang commission, who is also raising a freshman basketball player and a seventh grader as a single parent. They are forced to live in the same house when the officer’s house is destroyed by gangs, thinking they have killed his sons. The sons are very much alive and have to wear disguises to attend school. The fun begins when his freshman son is recruited by the gangs, and it is discovered the red head is the ghost of the nurse’s patient, who can’t cross over until the cause of his death (the gangs) is removed. Positive Force replaces the gangs. The old woman meets her son and breaks her silence. The ghost crosses over, then returns with wedding rings for pair, and rings for each of the founders. If gangs return, the ghost can be called back by any two ring bearers joined together. “Positive force is an attitude of positive action over negative influences.”

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