Friday, March 21, 2008

Writing Podcast interviews Dottie Randazzo

TGI Friday! We have uploaded a new show our podcast this week! Dottie Randazzo joins us on Writers in the Sky Podcast to discuss her book Are You a Spiritual Hypochondriac?

This book discussion led Yvonne and Dottie to give personal commentary on their church experiences and the harmful effects of religion. Learn about the bravery it took for them to leave the situation and discover their own personal beliefs.

Click here to listen to Part 1.

Are You a Spiritual Hypochondriac?

Are you known to go from book to book, from guru to guru, from organization to organization?

Are you doing this for spiritual efficiency? Would you know if you were a Spiritual Hypochondriac?

Click here to listen to Part 2 and learn how Dottie is marketing her book online after unsuccessfully spending $55,000 on conventional marketing techniques.

What if there wasn't anything else for you to learn? What if the mere fact that you know right from wrong is all that is necessary? Are the spiritual things you are doing for spiritual efficiency or are you preparing for judgment day? If there will be no speaking at the Pearly White Gates, will your actions in this lifetime get you in?

Dottie Randazzo was born knowing her soul’s agenda was to write. At an early age she knew how life worked. Like most people, around the age of 15 she lost sight of her soul’s agenda and began to carve a path that was dictated by external forces. As an adult Dottie has owned and operated many successful businesses. She attributes her success to the knowledge that she knew at an early age about how life worked. A few years ago the muffled sound of her soul’s agenda began to roar. There could be no more denying what her soul’s purpose was.

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