Friday, March 28, 2008

Learn to write a query letter on our podcast this week

Without a doubt, the two most feared words in any writer’s vocabulary are “query letter.” That’s understandable. Writing a query letter falls into the realm of the unknown—scary territory. Yet, every writer who wants to sell their work to an agent, editor, or publisher must venture into this fearful place and write a query letter. Because they aren’t clear about the purpose of the query and don’t know exactly how to craft it, writers inevitably set themselves up to receive the standard rejection letter. Nobody likes rejection, particularly writers, who tend to take it personally (even though it’s not!).

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Today, Friday, March 28, we are privileged to learn the #1 secret about writing query letters. Molly Nickell is a marketing coach, former publisher and Time-Life editor. In her March 28th pod cast with Yvonne Perry, Molli will tell it all regarding the current state of the book publishing business and what writers must do in today’s competitive market to get their work published.

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Former publisher, Time-Life editor and five-times published author, Molli Nickell, has created a one-of-a-kind website teaching writers to craft effective marketing documents. Having spent 11 years reading queries and book proposals, she knows what works and what doesn’t. The site offers evaluated query letters in different genre as well as guidance on how writers can make the vital shift from “teller” to “seller.” Insider information and marketing tips help writers craft query letters that motivate agents, editors, and/or publishers to respond with, “Yes, please send us your manuscript.” The site offers FREE query letter evaluations!

Molli Nickell has been helping writers get published since 1998. Find her online at

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