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Humble Housewife retaliates on Radio Personality Husband

In this post, Yvonne interviews Cheryl about the writing of her book Sweet Georgia Brown. You may visit Cheryl Robinson online at

YVONNE: Cheryl, please tell me what your book is about.
CHERYL: Sweet Georgia Brown is about a humble housewife determined to become a household name. After two kids, and a hopeless career in which she was fired, Georgia and her husband Marvin who, at one time were living with his parents and barely making it can now afford the finer things in life. By all accounts their life should be happy, but it's not. And Georgia, fed up with her husband's on-air insults of her during his morning radio show, is trying to discover what her life's passion truly is while also trying to remain a patient wife and loving mother. But something has to give.

YVONNE: Is this the first book you have written?
CHERYL: No, this is the fourth book that I have written and the third book to be published by NAL Trade.

YVONNE: How long did it take to write this book?
CHERYL: Eight months.

YVONNE: How did you publish your book? Share your triumphs and tragedies so we may learn from your experience.
CHERYL: This book was published through NAL trade which is a division of Penguin, a major publisher. I started my writing career as a self-published author and I self-published two novels before I was picked up by a literary agent. My goal when I self-published was to be picked up. That isn't the goal of every self-published author. For me, it had never been about receiving a high advance though. I wanted the distribution that publishers can offer. That was my biggest struggle as a self-published author; getting my books on the bookshelves. My goal is to write books that readers want to buy and eagerly anticipate the release of. I LOVE to write. And I love to know what avid readers think of my writing.

YVONNE: Did you work with an agent? If so, how did you find the agent?
CHERYL: I sent a press kit to Earl Cox and Associates in New York. I was looking for someone to help me market my self-published books. He was the one who put my book in the hands of my agent who signed me and a few months later inked my first two book-deal.

YVONNE: Where is your book available?
CHERYL: Sweet Georgia Brown is available nationwide wherever books are sold and on most online retailers including;,,,, and

YVONNE: Do you have a Web site or blog where we can learn more about you or your book?
CHERYL: My website is
My blog is
The Sweet Georgia Brown Readers and Review club link is
My myspace is

YVONNE: As far as marketing, do you do more online publicity or print/radio/TV promotion? What seems to work best for you? Feel free to share any publicity tips you might have.
CHERYL: I do more online publicity than anything. I have done some radio interviews. Radio interviews have been hard for me to get but when I do get them I find they work great. I've done very little print. Online advertising has been the most effective for me thus far.

YVONNE: Have you hired a publicist to help promote this book? Do you think it was a wise investment?
CHERYL: I have hired an online publicist. I work with Marlive Harris of The GRITS COM Literary Services. This is the third book she has helped promote for me so far. I think she does a wonderful job and she is cost-effective, which for me is the most important thing.

YVONNE: Did you enter your book in any contests? If so, what were the results?
CHERYL: No, I don't generally enter contests. And that isn't for any particular reason.

YVONNE: Have you been on a virtual tour or have you done any public book signings? If so, what was that like for you? Please mention the results.
CHERYL: I've never done a virtual tour. This will be my first. And for me, I think I will love it because I don't like to fly so book signings are very rare for me. However, I am working on a new way to promote myself and my book. It won't be in time for this book, but definitely the next one. I will do signings and I am planning some in Atlanta, Baltimore and of course, Detroit, which is my hometown and where the novel is set, but that's it for right now.

YVONNE: Any other comments or things you would like for us to know?
CHERYL: I hope that your visitors will consider my novel Sweet Georgia Brown or any of the novels that I have written. I am working on my next novel that will be released through NAL trade. It's a new twist on an old theme and I love the main character, who, of course, is a female in her early forties. My heroines are typically in their forties, but I try to write the story so that a wide age range can identify.

YVONNE: Thank yoy for sharing with us, Cheryl. I look forward to talking with you on January 25! Your book is sure to be a good read. I think it has great potential for a screenplay. Im' sure others wilil agree once they view your book trailer at


Missy said...

Go Georgia!!!
I loved your story and believe in who you are. We have a lot in common and it feels good to be amongst another strong woman

Thanks for showing your readers that no matter what another person is doing to you or for you if you are true to thyself you can stay in character.

Keep dreaming and loving like it's the first time

Toka said...

If you want some inspiration with a positive flow, read Sweet Georgia Brown, I did and the energy throughtout the book is just what I needed. I'm sure if you read this novel you'll not only pick up the message, but you'll also fell it.

Token787 said...

Yvonne and Cheryl, excellent interview!

Cheryl, I wish you continued success with all your writing endeavors!

Yvonne, THANK YOU so much for being such a gracious and wonderful host for The Humble Housewife 2008 Virtual Book Tour. Your work is impressive and I thank you for all that you do!

Yvonne Perry said...

Welcome everyone! Thank you for stopping by.