Monday, January 21, 2008

Self-Publishing Book Promotion: How to Raise Money for Publishing Your Book Even as you Promote It

By Christopher Kyalo

Blogs are really wonderful because one of the things they make possible is dirt cheap self-publishing book promotion that is not only amazingly effective but can also be hugely profitable.

Actually the first step in self-publishing your book should be setting up a blog for promotion purposes. This is the perfect place to start gathering your raw material. You could alternatively use it as the place to publish the raw unedited version of your book intended for self publishing even as you launch the promotion. The latter idea would work extremely well if you have hired a ghostwriter to help you put your book together. Here's how. As they write and post the pages at the blog, they should be careful to use keywords that will attract plenty of traffic from search engines and also keywords that will attract the highest paying Adsense ads possible to the blog.

Thus you begin earning money from your self-publishing book content even as you are putting together your book and at the same time launching your initial promotion. What's more you will be able to get plenty of feedback from your potential book readers. All this will be happening as you meet your main objective, which will be promotion of the book that you are self publishing.

Done properly, you can raise substantial sums of money to cover a large part of your book self publishing venture even as you embark on some very effective promotion.
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Anonymous said...

That sounds great. I think that one of the challenging things about a blog is attracting traffic. I would love to take a seminar on writing for the internet-how to put know what key words to incorporate into your text. I found you through the Goddess Blog Chain-Yeah Goddesses!


Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Along the same line, it is becoming more acceptable to sell ads for the backmatter of some kinds (cautious here!) SOME KINDS of nonfiction books. That can help with costs and serve advertisers very well.
Red Engine Press did that for a cross promotional journal they published. I helped edit it. It not only cross-promotes even as it sells, even as participants use it as gifts or give-aways or promotions, but those ads in the back helped a small press cover their expenses. Find it on Amazon and

Very best,

Carolyn Howard-Johnson