Friday, January 11, 2008

Podcast guest Jan 11, Velda Brotherton

TGIF and Yvonne has uploaded another show to Writers in the Sky podcast. Her guest today is Velda Brotherton.

Velda is a native of Arkansas, and for the past twenty years has been writing historical articles and books. She is the co-chair of a writer's critique group that recently celebrated twenty years of success helping fledgling writers. Her historical articles appeared in The Washington County Observer for many years and are now published in The White River Valley News.

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In 2004 Velda was honored with a 30-minute documentary featuring her work to preserve Arkansas history. It appeared on PBS and was shown at several film festivals. Her latest book is Fly With The Mourning Dove is the true story of a young girl who grows up on a homestead in New Mexico.

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The author of three nonfiction historical books, Velda Brotherton is here to talk with us about her latest book Fly With The Mourning Dove. This well-written historical novel contains a lot of little-known information about the settling of New Mexico in the early 1900s. The author paints excellent word pictures that bring the story to life through her characters and the setting. Reading it made me want to visit Tusas and learn more about the area.

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Janet Grace Riehl said...

Velda Brotherton is an amazing talent and shows what a woman can do to live a well-rounded life as author, and person dedicated to both family and community.

Her video is fantastic and I hope everyone who can, will see it.

I've previously interviewed Velda on Riehlife and we are both members of Women Writing the West.

Janet Riehl