Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Look Who’s Talking About instant Income

New York Times bestselling co-author Janet Switzer (pronounced S-why-tzer) will be Barbara Milbourn's guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast this Friday, December 21, 2007 and you will not want to miss the show--especially if you need to make money fast!

Janet is the author of a new book called Instant Income: Strategies That Bring In the Cash. She’s generated instant income for celebrity entrepreneurs like Chicken Soup for the Soul, Les Brown and others, but this Friday Janet will talk to us about how you, too, can generate incredible amounts of cash in just hours, days or weeks.

Whether you’ve got a small business, whether you’re employed by someone else or if you just want to be an occasional entrepreneur making a few thousand dollars on the side several times a year -- Janet Switzer has the formula for putting cash in your bank account.

As one of America’s most respected authorities in the knowledge products industry, she also helps achievers who are experts in their field attain worldwide status and million-dollar incomes by building publishing empires around their business strategies, training concepts, industry expertise and unique market posture. Her multi-media short-course How Experts Build Empires is the industry’s definitive work on the subject of developing and marketing knowledge products.

• Consumers today are overwhelmed with many of the most daunting economic times ever seen. Skyrocketing mortgage payments, massive foreclosures, widespread layoffs and plant closings, soaring divorce rates and overwhelming credit-card debt are quickly creating a personal finance and debt crisis of staggering proportions. These serious economic trends are converging to re-focus consumers everywhere on the importance of creating cash.

• Millions of people will start new businesses in the midst of this cash crunch, and studies show 2/3 of them will be women. In America, these new entrepreneurs will join an already thriving market of 10 million small businesses, 15 million solo entrepreneurs and 112 million employees of small businesses—all desperate to earn more cash.

• There are millions of ways to make money in a small business. And then there are just some strategies which are very quick to execute and which bring in the cash very quickly, too...often in just hours, days or weeks. Those are the strategies that make up the Instant Income system.

• Most small businesses run on cash — if there’s money left in the checking account, you know the business is still alive. Well, if you’re about to close your business on Friday because there’s no money in the checking account, these are methods that can put money there by Thursday night.

• You don’t have to have a traditional bricks-and-mortar business to use the Instant Income system—you can use these strategies with your home-based business or if you do money-making projects on the side.

• The book details 35 little-known strategies Janet Switzer executes for her high profile clients — many of the best-known celebrity entrepreneurs in the world.

• Janet Switzer tells you how to make more money in the 7 critical areas of any small business —
customers, joint ventures, advertising, prospecting, sales, internet and overlooked assets.

• If you’re employed, you can actually boost your paycheck by identifying the income opportunities in your employer’s business, then go to your employer and negotiate a pay raise or a promotion or percentage of revenue for helping to bring that cash. The book gives you actual negotiating strategies — even a sample deal-point memo.

• Once you learn the strategies, the book provides an online tool that helps you build a complete written plan customized for your business. The plan tells you exactly which strategies to execute first by calculating the exact amount of money you’ll make from each strategy. Then, the online planning tool creates a printout you can refer to again and again.

• For entrepreneurs and employees who are really desperate and need emergency cash, Janet Switzer offers a free companion guide called the Instant Income 10-Day Turnaround Program — available at InstantIncome.com. It helps identify how much emergency money you need to make, who can help you bring in that money, which strategies to execute to bring in the cash — plus the exact implementation steps for earning the money and depositing it into your bank account. It takes away the anxiety and puts you into action by telling you exactly what to do every day for 10 days.

A 20-year veteran of the marketing and advertising field, Janet Switzer is unique among experts as the woman who’s actually developed and executed the day-to-day income-generation strategies of many of the world’s top celebrity entrepreneurs: Chicken Soup for the Soul co-founder Jack Canfield, financial guru David Bach, master motivational speaker Les Brown, Internet income expert Yanik Silver, America’s highest-paid marketing consultant Jay Abraham, and The One Minute Millionaire coauthor Mark Victor Hansen, among others.

Learn more about Janet at www.instantincome.com/media.html

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