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TGIF November 2, 2007 Author Yvonne Perry

This week on Writers in the Sky Podcast Barbara Milbourn interviews Yvonne Perry about her book on stem cell research.

President Bush vetoed the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act twice during his term in office. This legislation would not have created new blastocysts (mistakenly called embryos); however, it would have kept some leftover blastocysts from being thrown away. They could have been used for research to possibly find cures for disease. There are only a few NIH-approved stem cell lines being used for research and funded by US dollars. However, most of those cell lines are contaminated, created by obsolete technology, and do not represent a great diversity of genetics. The legislation would have allowed funding for research on healthier lines that are easier to work with and genetically represent more of the population.

…that the term “embryonic” stem cell research is a misnomer? The research is not performed on a fish-like embryo; it is conducted outside the body on a cluster of cells known as a blastocyst.

…that fertilization and conception are two separate occurrences? Many people believe they are one in the same and think that when an egg is fertilized it is automatically an embryo. With in-vitro assistance as part of the reproductive process, fertilization can occur inside or outside the body. Conception can not. An embryo is the product of conception which can only take place inside the uterus. Conception can be confirmed by testing hCG levels in the mother's blood.

…that there is a difference between an embryo and a blastocyst? The term embryo is used to refer to the first two months of development after conception. Conception cannot occur in a laboratory. Only blastocysts, eggs, sperm, zygotes and morulas exist in fertility clinics.

…that adult stem cells and those found in cord blood and amniotic fluid do not have the same properties? They can not do the same things. They have distinctively different abilities.

…that there is Biblical proof that blastocystic stem cell research is a gift from our Creator? Scriptures show that according to John 1:3, “All things are created by God and without Him nothing has been created that was created.” Stem cell technology used to create healing is part of God’s perfect plan. We have the privilege to carefully use the knowledge and abilities we are given.

…that the Bush Administration’s right-wing stance on blastocystic stem cell research is based on a minority opinion that cannot be supported by scientific fact or scripture? Those in opposition have no biological basis for believing that stem cells derived from 3- to 5-day-old fertilized eggs cultivated in a laboratory are human embryos.

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Yvonne Perry is a freelance writer, author, speaker, and owner of Write On! Creative Writing Services, a team of full-time freelance ghostwriters and editors in Nashville, Tennessee. She writes about educational topics that uplift the spirit and inspire excellence. Her writing style is lovingly controversial and absolutely eye opening.


JJ Murphy said...

Hi Yvonne,

There's one hot debate raging in New Jersey over tomorrow's ballot question to allow NJ to borrow money for stem cell research.

I don't know if stem cell research is on the ballots in other states, but obviously it is becoming part of the national consciousness.

I hope your book is selling like hotcakes.

Happy Trails,

JJ Murphy

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Hi, Yvonne.

I just happened to run across your blog, and I had some questions that I can't quite reconcile with what you have written here; maybe you can help me. It could be that this is simply outdated information. After all, you posted this in November 2007, and it is now almost April 2009. Anyway, here goes:

First of all, it was my understanding that President Bush vetoed Embryonic Stem Cell Research only, not all Stem Cell Research, as your article may lead some readers to mistakenly believe.

In addition, I had never heard that a mistake had been made in the terminology for these stem cells, and I was hoping you could share your reference information for that with me, if you still have it. This is so surprising to me because the word blastocyst, comes from the word blastula meaning "early stage of an embryo produced by cleavage of an ovum." The word blastocyst, a noun, literally means "the embryo of a mammal in which a cellular and structural adaptation has taken place." At any rate, both these words: blastocyst and blastula, refer to embryos, which are by definition, the early stages of growth or in other words: life, babies, tiny humans. What could be an earlier stage of growth than those tiny embryos?

Next, it is my understanding that to date, there still have not been any treatments or cures with Embryonic Stem Cell Research, but with Adult Stem Cell Research, there have been over sixty-nine treatments and cures. Plus, with Embryonic Stem Cell Research, they want to create human clones to harvest their stem cells and use for experimentation--very scary stuff!

Finally, I can't imagine how you could have interpreted that God would condone the taking of any innocent life through reading that particular passage of scripture, but for your sake, I hope you're right. As you well know from reading his scriptures, he doesn't take kindly to having His flocks led astray. I'm sure you must have seen that in the Scriptures countless times, just as I did.

Anyway, here are some articles that may interest you:

Sorry if I talked your ear off, Yvonne. Also, I visited your website, and it's great!


Yvonne Perry said...


Did you visit all your questions are answered there or in my book Right to Recover, Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. What you've read in the media is very biased. I've spent time with the researchers.

My question to you is "How can God condone war or killing of innocent human beings who are already alive?"

My moral code is written in my heart, not on the pages of a Christian Bible that has been altered so much through the years that it doesn't reflect the true teachings of Jesus.