Monday, August 06, 2007

Writing Spirit

Lynn Andrews will be Yvonne Perry’s guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast August 10, 2007. She will be discussing her latest book Writing Spirit.

The world’s premier expert on shamanism, Lynn Andrews, is offering her latest book to the public. Writing Spirit explains how she has written and published 19 books, and how would-be writers can open their hearts to their creativity. Midnight journal-keepers and weekend storytellers will cherish Writing Spirit.

It can be a long surprising road to successful authorship. When Andrews began her first book, she wasn’t thinking of publishers, bestseller lists or critical acclaim. But by tapping into her inner wisdom, she crafted works that are intimate, humorous, and fun to read. Two of her books have made it to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times bestseller lists. Andrews didn’t even expect to publish her landmark book, Medicine Woman, about working with a Native American shaman in the wilds of the Manitoba forests. Today, Andrews is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the publication of Medicine Woman, which tells of her discovery of her first shaman mentor, Agnes Whistling Elk.

In the years since, Andrews has sought out and studied with shamans around the world. She uses her adventures in New Zealand, South America and the Himalayan Mountains to illustrate her writing strategies and provide breathtaking inspiration in Writing Spirit. Whether she’s hiking though jungles, uprooting herself to live with a shaman teacher or sitting down to write, Andrews shows that the key is courage. Don’t let doubts about grammar stymie your story.

Andrews continues to offer her fascinating stories and surprising outlook on a weekly radio show and with a well-loved column in Mystic Pop magazine. Andrews teaches her reverence for the earth and the wise women who inhabit it at several workshops across the nation each year.

Lynn is America’s best known Shamanic healer and veteran metaphysical instructor. Her 19 books are published in 12 languages including two New York and Los Angeles Times best sellers. She founded the Lynn Andrews School for Sacred Arts and Training in 1994. From that school 50 groups have formed around the world to study and share knowledge based on Lynn's teachings.

Lynn learned shamanic healing and empowerment from Shaman Women on three continents. She didn't learn from lecturers at a podium but instead through life learning, physical, and spiritual world experience in her years with these several Shaman Women. Following decades of study Lynn is now uniquely gifted in the multiple facets of Shamanism including not only healing but also how to take others into her special world.

Lynn serves as director of her School for Sacred Arts and Training, known to her students as Mystery School. In this role she explores with her students the ancient teachings relating to the study of global shamanic cosmologies. Mystery School students learn that while most people concentrate only on one aspect of reality - the rational physical world; there is an equally important spiritual realm, a venue within which Andrews is uniquely experienced. In a four-year course of distance learning, students gain knowledge while training in the techniques of Shamanic healing and personal empowerment Lynn has developed over her 32 year study. Graduates are certified Shamanic healers, expert in the use of ancient ritual to enable deep personal transformation through understanding and balancing the physical world with the spiritual one.

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